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Unique Deck Builders has been specializing in the design and construction of unique outdoor environments for 30 years. We visit your residence to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the site, review your family's needs and then provide a plan with a detailed proposal. 

Revised January 4, 2019

Joe G.  11-26-16
Joel and Unique Deck Builders did a phenomenal job on my large roof deck/pergola. All my guests are blown away with the end result.

Here are some specific thoughts:

I took bids from about 5 top-rated builders before deciding to go with Joel. After previewing a few Unique Deck projects, it was clear that his work was the only one I considered to be very "high end."

He had some very thoughtful design ideas, and his carpenters were equally as creative in maximizing the use of my space.  e.g. floating shelf for my beer near the grill, rounded corners on built-in seating that made the corner seat actually useful, a TV wall that blocked the sun at just the right angle...I could go on and on...

Materials are top notch. Joel does not cut corners where other builders appeared to do so. If you want a deck that's going to last and look good, I can guarantee you will get your money's worth and more.

Joel was extremely responsive throughout the entire process (email and phone). When you are making a huge investment in a deck, you are naturally going to have plenty of questions. Joel is not only quick to answer questions, it was also very clear that he has been in the industry for a LONG time and knew his stuff. Very quickly I began to tell my wife: Iin Joel, I trust," because he always came through for us.

When I thanked Joel after the project wrapped up, I told him that not only did I appreciate the work that he did, but also the fact that I learned a few things from him on how to build goodwill with customers. Joel never hesitated to eat short-term costs, knowing that he was investing in a long-term relationship with me as a customer.

Working with Joel was the best decision I have made since becoming a homeowner. I would recommend him to anyone I know. When my friends see my deck, the quality speaks for itself. They don't ask too many questions, except for who did it and what's his number.